So what is trauma exactly? 

Trauma is an emotional response to events that are upsetting, terrible, confusing and/or violating to you.  It can also be caused by witnessing a traumatic event or being in a traumatic event such as a car accident, fire, violence or natural disaster. 

Other sources of trauma can include bullying, cyber-bullying, stressful work situations, poor relationships with managers or co-workers, and secondary trauma from watching violent content via tv, movies and video games. 


Trauma & Abuse

Victims of sexual abuse, physical abuse, childhood neglect, rape, and exposure to domestic violence (as an adult victim or witnessing it as a child) are causes of trauma.  

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder 

When a trauma overwhelms you to the point where you are having difficulty with sleep, having flashbacks, feeling "jumpy" all the time and hinders your overall functioning, you should see a mental health professional to explore the possibility of PTSD. 


Treatment for trauma is often multi-faceted. 

  • Medication may be prescribed to help improve sleep and decrease the anxiety associated with trauma.  Trauma activates our "flight, fight or freeze" responses and if you get "stuck" medication may help regulate your nervous system again.

  •   Therapy is often essential to managing your trauma responses. 

    • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy works to help you understand how your thoughts impact your feelings and behaviors.  

    • EMDR is a newer type of therapy used to treat PTSD.  Click here for more information:

    • Holistic Ways to Manage Anxiety & Trauma

      • Yoga​

      • Exercise

      • Meditation

      • Essential Oils

      • Diet - removing/reducing caffeine and sugar 

      • Reducing or eliminating exposure to violent media

      • Reducing or eliminating use of social media


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