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Content in the Chaos

Chaos….a state of utter confusion. Ever been there? It’s exhausting and sometimes downright terrifying. But what if you could find contentment in the chaos? Wouldn’t that be amazing! Well friends, I’m here to tell you, it’s possible!

We all where many hats don’t we? Wife, husband, partner, daughter, son, mom, dad, student, boss, employee, leader and many more. Trying to keep all these roles and responsibilities running smoothly is a monumental task!

Despite all of our roles, we have to take care of ourselves. We have to find a way to be content in the chaos. Every one of you reading this now will likely travel different roads to reach contentment…and that’s ok! But here are some hopefully universal tips to help you on your journey.

Know yourself. What do you value? The answer to this question is vital. Do you value time with family, church, friends? Your values drive your choices. Try this: make a list of what you think you value and then rank them. What do you value the most? Is there anything you wish your places more value in? There may be a personal goal or revelation you need to chase, fulfill or declare.

Find joy. The journey to joy is unique to each individual. Some find joy in serving others. Some find joy in success. Yet others find joy in spirituality. Where do you find yours?

Take a break. Here’s the thing….if you’re always tired and lacking energy, you

will have a hard time meeting goals and deadlines. Furthermore, it’s really hard to be in relationship with others if you’re always on the run. Slow down. Go to yoga, attend church, take a nap. What renews your soul? Find it and go after it fervently.

Love and be loved. We are created to be in relationship with others. Without relationship, we are missing the most important thing in the human experience — to love and be loved. First, you must love yourself. Treat yourself with respect. Eat well. Sleep well. Treat others with grace and respect. Forgive often and love fiercely.

Seek peace. Peace can be a lot of things….calm, serene, tranquility, lack of anxiety. Contentment is in the the peace family. Are you satisfied with where you are? In your personal life? Work life? Spiritual life? If not, what would it take to get there? Try identifying one thing that you can do this week to help you breathe and lean into any tranquil moment you can find.

Final thoughts….

Being content in the chaos of life is essential. Chronic stress and unhappiness is hard on the body, mind and soul. Knowing what brings you peace and joy will make this life not just endurable. Contentment is yours if you want it. Pursue it. Passionately, fiercely and with vigor.

Find a person that can look you in the eyes and say, “I support you.” Journey on on my friends!

In support of you,

Missy Jane

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