• Missy Jane

Are You Inspired?

Updated: Aug 6, 2018

Have you ever found yourself uninspired? Unmotivated? I'm in that club some days. In today's world of constant innovation, it can be difficult to stay "inspired." I attended a conference once about psychopharmacology (total nerd...I know). But what the trainer said over and over again is this - there is no new medication in this world. It's all the same compounds with molecules moved to a different part of a chain to create a "new" drug. Hmmm...this thought confounded me. Aren't we in a world of constant change? Maybe.

I recently toured Mount Vernon with my family. Mount Vernon was home to our first president George Washington. I learned so much about George and his unintended rise to leadership. He was a young man who was not seeking fame or power. Yet he rose. His influence on others started when he was a young adult. By 43 he was leading an army and at 57 he became our first President. His rise to power was unintentional and was birthed out of his faith and leadership.

His life and legacy is such a contrast to our current culture. Our culture currently screams "get rich," "get famous," "be known, " and "be liked." We, ok maybe I, have been under the impression that to be influential I need to be seen, heard, and loved by many. How ignorant is that?

Ultimately, my only real mission in life is to help others - whether that's through counseling others, sharing my faith, or encouraging them. That is entirely countercultural isn't it? We are each given gifts and talents that the world needs. The world NEEDS YOU to use your gifts. You may get a million likes on Facebook or Instagram for something you share or you may just change the life of a neighbor through your kindess and generosity.

Don't box yourself into the world's "me" driven cage. Get inspired! What fulfills you? What makes you feel like you are right where you are supposed to be? Don't know yet? THAT'S OK!! Keep seeking friends. Your destiny awaits.

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