Faith and Spirituality

Faith and spirituality - are they the same? Yes and no.  Faith is the complete confidence and belief in something or someone.  Spirituality is more of an overarching idea that includes this idea that we are connected to something or someone greater than us.  It's actually a very broad and sometimes muddy way to identify your "higher power." 

I am a Jesus girl through and through.  However, I find doctrine, theology, religion and spirituality to all be terms that people use to literally argue with each other and try to prove themselves "right."  I've been Baptist, Methodist, Evangelical, United Brethren, Pentecostal, and Wesleyan.  I'm familiar with Lutheran, Catholic, and Mormon denominations as well.  

At the end of the day, I believe the Bible is absolute truth and that Jesus loves us all.  However I have many times felt disillusioned and unloved by my Christian brothers and sisters.  

If you've made it to this page, you see this is a website dedicated to Mental Health and Leadership.  So why do you see Faith & Spirituality here? Because I can't think of anyone I've worked with or even been friends with that doesn't ask, "What's my purpose? Why am I here?"  (Hello even Simon Sinek, the leader that inspires so many, has made his name on the the questions "What's your why?)

According to NAMI, "Religion gives people something to believe in, provides a sense of structure and typically offers a group of people to connect with over similar beliefs. These facets can have a large positive impact on mental health—research suggests that religiosity reduces suicide rates, alcoholism and drug use."

Why? Because we are created to be in relationship with others.  Rituals, community and acceptance are all pieces of the puzzle that lead to a person feeling connected, loved, well-rooted, safe and secure. 

My high school Bible teacher always challenged me to know what I believe and WHY I believe it.  So I pose the same question to you. What do you believe? Why?

Want to find connections in your community?  Here are some suggestions:

  • See if there are interfaith organizations in your community to connect with. 

  • Join a club, sports team or Bible study to connect with others. 

  • See if there are any Celebrate Recovery or other support groups in your area. 

  • Check with your local YMCA, Urban League, or other non-profits for opportunities to connect to others in your community. 

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